Friday, March 30, 2012

Drawers for Rack-It Shelving

The Rack-It shelving that you can get at hardware stores is great, but I have one problem with it, it doesn't come with any decent drawer options.  So I built my own.  I have previously described the construction of the Custom Wooden Drawers.

The design is pretty simple.  Two panels with drawer runners are pressed against the posts on either side by spreader bars, these panels are attached to the shelf underneath, and this is all connected to the main frame so that when you open the drawers they don't overbalance.

It's designed to be disassembled so it can be transported easily by one person.  I think I have it sorted, I'd do certain parts differently if I did it again, but this does the job and was fun to make.

I still have to put the handles on the front and dress it up a bit, but that's a job that can be done later on,
but for now I have about 11 cubic feet of drawer space to play with.

The assembled drawers

The frame with the drawers removed

Left side supporting panel with drawer runners and spreader bars fitted

The routed channel the spreader bars fit into

M3 threaded rod with lock nuts on either end hold the spreader bars in place

The middle drawer clearing the spreader bars

Steel angle bolted to the underside of the shelf locks the frame in place

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