Saturday, July 13, 2013

Confined Space Tool Bag/Sack

I recently had to do a bit of work under the house that required quite a few tools but found it too cumbersome to carry them individually.  It was a reasonably small space and I had to crawl quite far to get there.  I was however lucky enough to have just the right thing for the job.

Under a House
The 3 foot clearance under the house
I happen to eat a fair bit of rice, and being a cheapskate, I like to buy it in bulk.  This means I'm starting to get quite a collection of the sacks that the rice comes in.  They seem too good to throw out and I use them when I can.  If I had a need for them I reckon that they would make some nice couch cushions, but in this case the bags were perfect for carrying my tools.

Ad hoc Tool Bag
Why not use a proper tool bag for the job I hear you ask.  Well, I don't do this kind of thing too often and it would just take up space I don't have, besides, I already had this on hand.

The bags even come with a handy little zip on the top to stop things falling out.  This made the job so much easier.  I was able to throw my tools in the bag and crawl to where I needed to be without too much hassle, and because everything was secure in the bag I didn't have to worry about losing things. 

Rice Bag
Zip on the rice bag

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