Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Waterproof Enclosure Mounting Plate

A project I'm working on requires a waterproof enclosure, but there's no way to mount all the parts needed inside the box without drilling through it, but there are 4 mounting posts in the corners.  What's needed is a metal plate that all the parts can be mounted on, and then that plate can be screwed into the supplied screw holes.  You could just drill through the box but then you have the headache of sealing the screws and making it watertight again.  I didn't want to do this, after all I went and bought a nice enclosure with a rubber seal so I didn't have to worry about this.

Now the obvious solution is to just buy some sheet metal and cut a plate, which is kind of what I did.  My storage space is somewhat constrained and I don't have space for a lot of offcuts.  What I ended up doing was buying a small nail plate from the local hardware store for around a dollar.  It was almost the exact size I needed and didn't need much material removed at all.

Waterproof enclosure with a mounting plate
Waterproof enclosure with a mounting plate

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