Monday, February 24, 2014

Hastily Assembled Shower

Due to a hastily arranged bathroom renovation my productivity has been a little less than usual this week.  It's hard to do things with tradespeople around.  So I thought I'd cheat on this post and show something I threw together last week.  One of the problems with a bathroom renovation is you have nowhere to shower while it's in progress.  With only a couple of days notice I needed to put together a shower, and because I'm a cheapskate I thought I'd use what I had on hand.

Sprinkler Shower
I got lucky and found a sprinkler base with two holes drilled though it.  This made it ideal to screw to the beam of the patio outside.  The head on it wasn't ideal, but I did have one that was a lot more like a shower.

Garden hose attached to the sprinkler
An attachment to connect a garden hose was then added.

Excess hose wrapped around beam
The hose I found was too long, so instead of cutting it to the right size, the excess was wrapped around a beam.

Water pipes
Shower combination
I was willing to take cold showers, it's summer in Australia at the moment so showering outside in cold water isn't too much of a problem, but by a stroke of luck there was an old hot/cold shower combination nearby.  So a few adapters later I had a nice warm shower running.  It took me about half an hour and cost me nothing except for a bit of thread tape.  By the way, the secret to plumbing is thread tape, know how much to use and what type and you'll never have a leak again.

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